5 Characters
1 Woman. 4 men, although the stage manager could be a woman.
Simple Set
43 pages

Performed at the Dowling College Performing Arts Center as a student production.

The Director/Writer of this play is creating the play as the audience watches.

What enfolds is the creation that seems to be originating in his head.

But the characters often do not like how they’re being written and rebel, or think they’re rebelling, when that is actually what is being written.

The characters attempt to define themselves, as the Director/Writer writes, but are not writing their lines – he is.

Or is he?

As the Director creates his play the characters go further into their thoughts, feelings, philosophies of life, art, theater  and who they are as independent beings, called characters- until the Director/Writer has writer’s block.

His creations  feel trapped in their lines that seem to be in a play within a play, where no one seems to know who is really writing it – them – the play!

The Stage Manager in the audience, in the dark, gives them their lines when they go off script. But the Characters don’t often like the lines being given to them, reading from the script, yet have no choice but to say them.

Even though the confusion is what is actually written in the script.

By the Writer/Director, or the Characters in his head, that speak, and he listens and writes what they say on the page, or, maybe something else is going on, something else is actually creating the characters in his head, that he listens to and writes down, taking credit. Except when the characters dislike what he’s writing.

Charade was an experiment in Metatheater although I was going beyond that.

Being a writer, actor and director I became keenly aware of the fine line between what humanity is, and what character is.  We study the creation of character, in acting – but that soon becomes clearly limited to what we’re really trying to understand.

The human being’s inner experience is vast, connected to all that is – in some ethereal if not intellectual way.

Character is limiting down from that vast potentiality – labeling characteristics, past experiences and education that “raised” them to be who they are – defining specific ways of thinking, responding, acting, hiding, lying etc. All limitations of limitations rather than opening to openings.

Within that conflict, when writing a play, one becomes aware of the characters seeming to know what to say and do beyond the writer’s control – be it parts of the writer’s subconscious, or, working through conscious conflicts and ideas, the characters and the writer are doing a dance. Or, perhaps the writer is channeling something from space, universal thought, tapping into that – etc. We really don’t know do we? 

As the Director attempts to shape the play about a play, being written by him, or perhaps the characters in his mind in the play, or, someone else – the actual playwright – ME.  But am I the creator because I have written the play, or just a conduit for something beyond myself.

These tiers and textures, levels and dimensions, permeate and create The Charade of our existence, as we grapple to better understand who or what is really in control, what we can potentially experience if we’re open to possibility, and how we hide from that by boxing in our characterizations – and tell one another who we are.

Charade, is fun, and thought provoking, and can use physicalized theatrical staging withing the fluent dialogue that dances between the Writer/Director and his creations.

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