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As the author of six plays on Broadway, including 'Luv' and 'Jimmy Shine,' and the co-writer of the film 'Tootsie,' among others, it is some thirty-five years in theater and film that causes me to celebrate John's talent as both writer and actor."

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"Since my Hollywood writing career (Writer/Supervising Producer The Cosby Show), I've had the pleasure of getting to know John Monteleone who starred in my solo HIM AND HIS LAST NIGHT OF SANITY. He is a talented performer and writer, whose work should be seriously considered."

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John Monteleone
is a playwright, screenwriter, actor, director, musician and was a professor and Artist in Residence for over 15 years at Dowling College, NY. He received his B.F.A./M.F.A. in acting and Theater from N.Y.U. Tisch School of the Arts Graduate Program, and his M.A. in Educational Theater from Adelphi University graduating Summa Cum Laude. He has extensive acting, writing, directing, producing and teaching experience, Artistic Directed his Repertory Company and his Private Acting School while at Dowling.

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"Jerry (in Edward Albee's play The Zoo Story) is played by John Monteleone, an actor who is more than capable of handling Mr. Albee's complex character... his performance is a mixture of wild-eyed fear and soaring strength."
Leah D. Frank,
The New York Times

"BRAVURA PERFORMANCE... Monteleone demonstrates a convincing range in evoking 10 different characters" (in 'in Perfectly Norm-iLL People".)
Steve Parks

'in Perfectly Norm-iLL People," his second solo, Monteleone slips with ease from one character to another with an original or hysterical line to draw you in."

''Powerful Performance in "Diary of a Mad Man"
Mr. Monteleone meets the almost impossible task of portraying a demented man who is sinking into the quagmire of hopeless melancholia by finding out elements of humor that fit like pegs between layers of tragedy.'
Leah D. Frank
The New York Times

Monteleone keeps faith with the Gogol story, testing the conscience of his audience. the sicker his madman becomes, the funnier his lines. And laughing at him becomes a little sick, too. But it can't be helped. Monteleone is both funny and pathetic as the madman."
Steve Parks

"John Monteleone is an engaging Mayer Schindel."

"John Monteleone has a promising look of puzzlement at Aldo the Butler."
Clive Barnes
The New York Post

“Your performance was certainly excellent!”
Nancy Bosco
Circle In The Square Theatre

"Congratulations on a most powerful performance.'
Olivia Kim

"John Monteleone plays Johnny with such vigor and energy that he could easily overwhelm the audience and make them feel uncomfortable. But he doesn't. What a difficult fine line to tread - to play an enthusiastic, slightly crazy, Shakespeare-quoting hash linger who refuses to leave a girl's apartment after having sex - but to play it without expressing a sense of evil. Never once does the audience feel that Frankie is in physical danger - he's nuts, but he's harmless."
Bridget LeRoy
The Independent

"This production of Frankie and Johnny in the Clair de Lune is one of the most moving evenings of theatre this reviewer has ever had the joy of attending. Don't miss it! It is a pure delight - but it's also a deep-dish creation... John Monteleone, an experienced actor, is wonderful as Johnny."
Patsy Southgate
The East Hampton Star

"John Monteleone's Johnny is a finely shaded drawing of a compulsive, sweet, caring and agonizingly uncertain human-in other words, lots of us in our worst and best moments. In the words of Oscar Hammerstein, he's a man who stumbles, but a man who cares, and Mr. Monteleone conveys him with a refreshing complex of blind energy and forgiving gentleness."
Lee Davis
The Southampton Press

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