John received his B.F.A./M.F.A. in acting and Theater from N.Y.U. Tisch School of the Arts Graduate Program, and his M.A. in Educational Theater from Adelphi University graduating Summa Cum Laude. He attended Dowling College for 2 years on a Theater Arts Scholarship where he won the Eastern Division Semi-Finals in the American College Theater Festival for his portrayal of Yank Smith in Eugene O'Neil's The Hairy Ape. From 1985-2000, John was an Artist-in-Residence and an Adjunct Professor of Drama at Dowling College in Oakdale, LI, NY. There, he founded and developed his Professional Repertory Theater and moved his Acting School in residence. He produced 2-4 professional theater productions yearly, as well as working in NYC honing his plays with professional actors often bringing them to the College for readings and discussions with students and the community. He also performed leading roles in his and other plays during this period. He founded a New Play Reading Festival featuring distinguished and up-coming playwrights such as Murray Schisgal, Gary Kott, Joe Pintauro, Keith T. Fadelici and numerous others, offering a diverse artistic experience to the community. Dowling fell into financial difficulties and John left to start a business to survive. His work-schedule stopped him from writing for over 15 years but is back now.

12 of his 19 plays have been produced, including in New York City. There is a link below listing these productions - several have had numerous productions and readings in NYC on Theater Row totaling 18 productions of those 12 plays.

John has also completed 6 full-length feature films and one short film. All works are obtainable on this site, with short and long synopsis.

As an actor and writer John received critical acclaim for his writing and acting work in The New York Times and other major papers. He has both produced and directed many works including some of his own. Many of those reviews can be read on his website’s home page.

18 Productions

John Monteleone


Professional reading in NYC at The Currican Theater.
Professional reading in NYC on Theater Row.
Professional reading in NYC at Theater 22.
Professional reading at Dowling College Performing Arts Center with professional Actors.

Professionall staged readings at the 42nd Street Workshop
Professionall staged reading at The Harold Clurman Theater on Theater Row NYC

Professionally Produced - Repertory in residence Dowling College

Professionally Produced by the Repertory Theater in residence Dowling College

Professionally Produced by the Repertory Theater in residence Dowling College


Professionally Produced in NYC - William Redfield Theater

Professionally Produced in NYC - William Redfield Theater

Professionally Produced in NYC at Theater 22.
Professionally Produced at Dowling College
Student Production – Dowling College
Student Production – Aquinas College

Produced – Malaysia University.

Produced - Student Production – Dowling College

Produced - Student Production – Dowling College

Produced - Student Production – Dowling College

If you are going to tell the truth, don't water it down. If you have to water it down, you might as well tell the entire lie, and stop calling it truth. 

Growth of self and culture will not happen, when narcissism, opportunism, and ego is motivating choice.

We are at a crossroads in 2021 - one between our long struggles from primitive existence, and a huge potential for learning and growth beyond anything we've ever known before. A transcendence to important new heights of human potential is possible but must remain grounded in the humane, not materialism or simply the technological. The Arts, if allowed to be Art, if supported fully and unconditionally, if its power is understood for the long term changes they offer, can be embraced by all people and holds the real key to transformative human evolution - through higher consciousness. Because Art, is truly what we mean by "Unconditional Love" when we use those words meaningfully; not vain or conditional love - but the kind of love that moves one to nurture, sacrifice for others, and not resent it but instead to feel honored to serve the full acceptance of all that is nurturing, kind, beautiful, and mysterious. That is where art lives, because it has something urgently important to share, to gift transcendence to both artist and audience through it's creation, and presentation. 

Anything less is a destructive, de-evolving travesty, despite the costuming, long-winded rhetoric, clever psychologically manipulative sales pitching, endless propaganda, and evil marketing finesse involved. 

We must say NO to all of this nonsense, because if we, the artists do not say NO, you can forget those running the show saying NO and instead will continue to throw fuel on the fire.

That lot are seeking dollar signs, not consciousness, like all good Chimps lunging hungrily after a banana.

John Monteleone
Sag Harbor, NY

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