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(Full-Length Screenplay)

Full Length Independent Feature Film

Sam, a farmer who’s farming heritage goes back 300 years, is confronted with a dilemma, which is that developers want him off his land, and offer him large sums of money to do so. But Sam isn’t interested in money. 

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PRISONERS IN PARADISE (Screenplay Version)

This is the screenplay version of my Full-Length Play. 4 characters, one set, a few interiors, this is a low-budget film. However, the roles are complex, and require very talented, skilled actors. 

A tormented family of two burnt out step-brothers and a porn actress, pursue the American Dream while living in a fragmented, disparate culture run by madmen.

In an attempt to right a heinous crime committed by a billionaire Governor against them, an event that spiraled their lives into existential chaos, they kidnap his son – a scholar and Priest – to expose the Governor’s crimes and finally obtain justice, truth and unity.

But the Governor won’t answer his phone…

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(Full-Length Stage Play)

Full-Length Stage Play
3 Characters

2 Men, 1 Woman
Woman can be a man or woman.
Simple set
76 pages.

Two 1940’s-type cops, in trench coats and Dick-Tracy hats, investigate a street murder, where the body has been chopped into pieces, but his head is missing and then need to find it, and solve the murder.  Noir genre comic-tragic existential. 

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(Stage Play Version)

This the Stage Play Version, still a Work in Progress, of the completed screenplay.

Full Length Play
6 Main Characters
1 Minor Character
132 pages 

SMATTERED is a Sex Comedy with Dramatic and Existential undertones, that introduces us to 6 intelligent, complex characters, each desperately trying to live an authentic life, but wreaking havoc as they do.  

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FLIGHT OF THE DOVE (Full-Length Stage Play)

Full-Length Stage Play)
2 Characters
1 Man. 1 Woman
Simple Set
75 pages (thus far)

The play takes place on and within the battleground of love, and relationship but seeking to understand their pasts, how they ended up in torment and anxiety, trying to find meaning alone and together. The play takes place  within the minds and hearts of the 2 characters. A comic/tragic and existential motif, THE FLIGHT OF THE DOVE (working title) is an exploration of the nature and convolution of contemporary love, self identity, existential awareness, and, finding authentic meaning.

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(a Novella)

started writing it at age 33, should finish age 66. Ha!

A stream of consciousness journey inside the mind of a tormented man trying to find his life after an immense loss at the edge of an inlet, somewhere.

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