3 Characters
1 Man. 1 Woman.  The child, or 3rd character, can be male or female
Simple Set
42 Pages

Produced at Dowling College with my adult acting students who I considered to be professional actors.

The play takes place in the mind of the child, now an adult, remembering the last days of his parents lives. The child remembers, and as he does, the parents come to life in chilling, sharp images that penetrate what it means to grow old, the interpersonal relationships we have to our parents, and the common human thread we share together.

Images, like a movie of one’s life shot in quick, transformational snapshots, reflect their parent/child/spouse relationships, the mystery and swiftness of life, and the ephemeral connections they shared together as the child struggles to come to terms with their deaths. Each moment, despite how long it lasted, is but a snapshot of time in the scheme of things and our lives. As if we’re caught in a swift, indifferent river of time. The Child attempts to find a center to these images, memories, joys and pains, as he / she too, grows old.

The last image sums up the experience; the child grasping for air, trying to hold onto the memories of them, like photographic snapshots that hold the memory and the experience, but not the flesh.

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