Script Type: Feature
Genre: Action filled, High-Tech, Social Character-Driven Tragedy
Length: 156 pages

Thurston Whitehead the third, inherited his news company from his father who built it from nothing. But the competition of the news, and the internet, has plummeted his company into near bankruptcy. He hires Ben, an Ex-CIA Mastermind, and Red Hawk and Harvard Accounting Whiz and American Indian descendant to pull the company out of disaster. But he has no idea how ruthless a psychopath Ben is.

Ben uses his criminal underground connections to set up a series of tragedies where enormous carnage captivates the hungry American news audience.

The most recent one is the Children’s Museum on the San Francisco Pier, a high tourist area, on a day when 100 children are on a school trip to see it. He blows up the museum to create a mass news hysteria monopolizing main stream media across the world while holding first coverage of the story. Then he evolves the coverage in every direction.

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