2 Characters
1 Man. 1 Woman
Simple Set
47 pages

Produced in NYC at Theater 22.

A second, separate production at Dowling College with a student Cast.
The images here and in the productions section of this site, are from the professional production.

Two character play exploring relationships; their mystery, conflict, pain, joy, transformation, transition, insanity, separation and connection.

This play offers very specific physicalizations of deeply emotional and psychological transitions between relationships, and explores escape, conformity and transcendence within the context of funny and tragic physical transformations. 

The relationship of a man and woman to one another, to themselves, to the transitions and how those affect each moment, and the larger world.

As she is stuck in her position, in a chair, she struggles to free herself wildly, working against her husband, who is hiding under the covers of the bed.

He wants to journey out beyond comfort, into a new male identity -but is too afraid, but won’t admit it.

Both are seeking harmony and wholeness, while trapped by their own conditioning, and human fear of change and the confines of their relationship. 

They both break free, SHE from her chair moving around the space with a sense of self, and confidence, and HE from under the covers, into a new male sensibility but in the same space, together. 

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