5 Characters
4 Men.  1 Woman (can be a stagehand, no lines)
Simple Set
47 pages

Produced at The William Redfield Theatre, NYC (Professional Production.)
Produced at Dowling College Performing Arts Center (Student Production.)

Four-character play exposing the demands of the business world transforming innocence into corruption.

Rooster runs his coop, a place where they sell anything to anyone.

Boy, is a recent college graduate that wants anything but to be working for this creep, who was just like the boy once.

Web, is a hot-shot salesman who is hiding in the closet because he died humanly and feels safe with limitations surrounding him. His death was due to the numerous boxes he lives in, psychologically, emotionally and humanly.

Song, is an out of work singer-songwriter who now homeless, enters seeking money to get off the street.

Through this surreal comedy, Rooster trains Boy and Song to learn what it means to survive today in the business world, and culminates in Boy taking over the coop so Rooster can retire, while Song takes on the role of the Boy at the end of the play. Until an innocent young woman enters who wants to become part of the business world.

Boy’s transition into corruption from innocence, happens as Rooster trains him, and colors his face green as his is, dressing him in the same clothing he wears, until Boy is more ruthless and cut-throat than Rooster – which pleases Rooster.

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