3 Characters
1 man.  2 Woman (1 of these women can be a man instead)
Simple Set
18 pages

Produced at Dowling College with student actors.

This “Jack and Jill” couple seeking the idyllic life, regret the moments they share together as they live them.

The language is based on the Jack and Jill English nursery rhyme but with contemporary American language.

As an old woman, (perhaps one of them one day) experiences her last DAY on earth, sitting upstage in a vertical box, also regretting her life, as the two main characters, Jack and Jill, sit at their desks never moving from them, stage left and right.

Throughout the play, they put on age make-up and age from their 20’s to old age before our eyes, juxtaposed against their dialogue of regret.

The brevity of the play, about 20 minutes, reflects the swiftness of our existence and the uselessness of regret as we witness a lifetime perish before us like a wisp of smoke, dissipating in thin air.

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