4 Characters
2 Men. 2 Women
Simple Set
50 pages

Professional Productions:
Produced at The William Redfield Theater, NYC with The Box.
Staged Reading at The Total Theater Lab, NYC.

Student Production:
Dowling College Performing Arts Center.

Four characters explore the search for individuality amidst a family who embraces the social masks and unquestioned morality, validating their imprisonment, while systematically destroying them.

Set in a perfectly decorated suburban home, during Christmas season, Mar, the matriarch of her little regime, attempts to hold her dysfunctional, almost insane family, together. She does this so she doesn’t have to face anything real about herself.

Separ, her sister who is recently divorced, takes refuge and renews her loathing, jealousy and hatred for Mar and wants to own the family so she feels safe and loved.

Rat, their son, has no authentic identity as his existence has been suppressed from the day he exited Mar’s womb, and pursues one new cliche characterization of himself after another – from businessman, to Motor Cycle Gangster, to Ballerina, to American Indian – in an attempt to cope.

Hom, Rat’s father, speaks backwards and is seemingly retarded. But it’s just the result of working for a living and sacrificing himself for the family, and more, the business world that enslaved both his psyche, and life, for profit.

As they get ready to go to Christmas dinner, and as Rat continues to rebel against their demands for him to fit into something else superficial, Mar takes control of the family. Together, they create an operation on Rat, to bring him to their sense of normality.

They do this in a mythic ritual of the mind, and within a lacerating, mutilating, dissecting, barbaric dream sequence, set in an operation, they turn Rat’s American Indian Identity into a well-adjusted 21st Century nice young man who hates himself and smiles to please his family.

The metaphor is also about the American Landscape of hypocrisy, bringing our brutal and savage history into the home of the American Family Unit. We witness the microcosm and macrocosm of our brutal, genocidal and enslaving past, and it’s humanly disintegrating effects on the contemporary American Landscape.

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