2 Characters
2 men or 2 women or 1 man and a woman
Simple Set

30 Pages

Two seemingly homeless men, Blab and Yak, are hobos with PhD’s who exist on the Mojave desert that is strewn with old junk. 

Bored, they explore the “air”, and “ideas” that seem to exist within it, and the meaning of meaning, the meaning of existence, to pass the time. But they grow even more bored.

Finding junk laying about in the sand, they create a sculpture – a man, so they don’t feel as alone and productive. They contemplate creating a business to sell him, to overcome their boredom. As they contemplate the meaning of their lives, ponder and survive their human frailties and the absurdity of their universal and self-created condition. Their man-made sculpture of a robotic-type machine-man seems to overpower the landscape; their creation is bigger than they are, but completely useless to what they really need.

The man-made junk man, is a testament to the evolution of materialistic quests via the machine, masking the brutal indifference,  the miracle and beauty of raw nature, and who we are as human beings within the conflict. 

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