Writing Samples - Full-Length Plays

Prisoners in Paradise - Writing Sample
A tormented family of two burnt out step-brothers and a porn actress, pursue the American Dream while living in a fragmented, disparate culture run by madmen. In an attempt to right a heinous crime committed by a billionaire Governor against them, an event that spiraled their lives into existential chaos, they kidnap his son – a scholar and Priest – to expose the Governor’s crimes and finally obtain justice, truth and unity. But the Governor won’t answer his phone…

The Lamp - Writing Sample
A couple, Dudley and Fiona, were once hippies who gave up freedom for material wealth. Now 20 years later, and living in the Hamptons, they are trapped in the throws of materialism and are facing foreclosure. As their lives and possessions are confiscated by the Bank, material item by material item, the primality of the outside world moves in and the hidden ugliness beneath the surface of wealth is revealed.

The Debate - Writing-Sample
It’s a boxing match, a football game, a duel to the death as two Presidential opponents create conflict, pain and suffering that molds the landscape of America, in a battle for power.

Game - Writing Sample
Two business men, Headhunter and Skinner, have a grip on acquiring ownership of earth stock, use it as a down payment on the galaxy, to win a deal with a visiting reptilian extraterrestrial, to pursue ownership of the universe, for the ultimate payoff of owning Godszillion and the Void.

Head - Writing Sample
Noir comic-tragic existential. Two 1940’s-type cops, in trench coats and Dick-Tracy hats, investigate a street murder, where the body has been chopped into pieces, but his head is missing and they need to find it, and solve the murder – the murder is also metaphorical, but even so, a Femme Fatale places herself in the middle of the investigation creating a twist on the entire death.

The Loony Bin - Writing Sample
A flowing kaleidoscope collage play written in rock-and-roll poetry, prose, and creative dialogue, spans American History exploring the contemporary human condition within an improvisational, story-theater open format. A satirical-motif, juxtaposes historical figures like Columbus and Cochise against a contemporary, burnt-out dysfunctional family unit, corruption, and prostituted values, exploring the blatant hypocrisy of American History and its affects on contemporary life.

Farmland - Writing Sample
A historic farming family losing their farm to corrupt bankers, deal with the loss of identity as they transform themselves to survive in contemporary indifference.

Flight of the Dove - Writing Sample
Work in Progress - almost completed
The play takes place on and within the battleground of love, and relationship and within the minds and hearts of the 2 characters. A comic/tragic and existential motif, Doves in Cement is an exploration of the nature and convolution of contemporary love, and self identity.





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