9 Characters
6 Men.  3 Woman
Simple or Complex Set

Full Production by The Actors Workshop of LI, at Dowling College Performing Arts Center.

Farmland, is a surreal journey of a farm family dating back to the beginning, who have lost their farm to unpaid loans for equipment they bought to attempt to survive, and are now being evicted. The bankers and developers are in cahoots to force them off their land, unbeknownst to the family – who believed they wanted to help them prosper. 

Freddy was going to be a Fighter and win the match of his life, so Sueanne (his new actress wife) and he could have a life of luxury and save the family from the sharks. But he lost the fight, as the odds were too high against him – it was him, against America and it knocked him out cold.  His monologue about this is in the Excerpts below.

The play opens on the day the Banker, the IRS (a robot) and the Sheriff are coming to evict them. The clash of two worlds, takes us on a journey through the familial and cultural psyche as it loses a connection to its roots, each other, themselves and their identity, emerging with a new identity that fits into a disparate, fragmented, shattered culture. 


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