6 Characters
4 Men. 2 Women
Simple or Complex Set
Projection Screen Required
156 Pages

Headhunter and Skinner, are the two wealthiest men on earth,  now trillionaires a hundred times over who live in the Tower of Power – 1000 stories high above the streets where the “Ants” are protesting down below (Ants being a nickname they call people because they look like black dots from where they live). SleekDesign is their genius Image-maker who hypnotizes entire continents to buy anything they sell, but she is also ruthlessly desperate to become as wealthy and as powerful as her two megalomaniac employers are – and she is smarter and more ruthless than both.

She summons an extra-terrestrial she believes owns huge sectors of the Galaxy and beyond and tells Headhunter and Skinner they are on their way to “do business” with them. Their plan is to use Earth as a down payment on the Galaxy, with hopes to snag the Universe with an eye on owning Godzillion and everyone and everything in it. 

Owning only 51% of EarthStock, they first have to kill Mr. Zen Chi, the CEO of Asia and buy up the remaining 49% of EarthStock to own  the entire Earth. Good thing SleekDesign, knows him, as Mr. Zen Chi has a little crush on her. So she sets up a  meeting, where Skinner brutally murders him in both a funny and horrific display of business cunning and primality. Once they own all of EarthStock, they can begin negotiations with the Extraterrestrials. 

Sleekdesign holds the key to getting the extraterrestrials there, but wants a huge percentage of EarthStock – which they give her out of desperation for more, as she gets nothing of Godzillion and must deliver success from the Extra-Extras.

Wyneata arrives and is a Beautiful tall Reptile-human, exotic in every imaginable way, both hideous and super-sexual, who speaks in a poetic language, and moves like a ballerina, seemingly full of wisdom, love, and grace – except when she’s unfed! 

She has come, unbeknownst to them, as a savior, because Earth is on the brink of annihilation from all the abuse it has endured by the human race. Like her own species, who destroyed their planet, she is searching through the galaxy to save planets from the same doom. She realizes reaching these two numskulls won’t be easy but she has a plan! 

Her plan is to trick Skinner, the greatest Madman Killer Business Creep to ever have lived, filled to his eyebrows with too much Testosterone, trapped in a Gorilla-like body in a business suit, to let her eat his Balls as a sign of good faith to do business to own parts of the Galaxy for unimaginable wealth! Once his testosterone and machismo is removed, she hopes he will begin a transformation into being a human being again, with power, to reverse the devastation their greed has created on the planet, saving the Earth from annihilation.

Skinner clearly resists, but eventually is convinced to give up his juicy gonads for their unearthly quests. 

Skinner’s transition after his testicles are poo, is both funny and terrifyingly real, as he struggles through his transition against Headhunter’s continued heartless quest to own everyone and everything. Skinner’s heart and eyes become more and more compassionate and regretful of who he once had become and he is filled with love for his fellow man. 

But that poses a serious conflict for Headhunter and SleekDesign’s plans to enslave the universe and beyond. 

SleekDesign, being a ruthless cut-throat graphic artist, manipulates the two men, in her quiet desperation, into several contracts to own more and more of EarthStock, then the Void, and wants to kill Skinner and take his place to be Headhunter’s partner.  Because she needs organic food and a pedicure and everything has grown so expensive. 

We also learn that they all grew up together as children in suburbia and each of them was her lover, but now things have changed. 

Wyneata, being a reptile, needs to eat a raw corpse every eight hours. She tells them of her species carnivorous nature – like our puppies and kittens – as her primal nature. She cannot eat a dead corpse – she has to hunt, and then eat it while alive to feel fed. The Tamer, a device she carries and that gives her immense power, tames the primal beast of her nature into sophistication. 

SleekDesign cleverly steals the Tamer from her, and Wyneata is helpless – Headhunter learning she must eat every eight hours uses it as leverage trying to get a deal by starving her to own the Galaxy, but Wyneata stalls as she did not come for that, nor does she own anything. 

Skinner transforms from a brutal killer, into compassion and love, while Wyneata transforms from Compassion and Love into a Primal and very dangerous extraterrestrial beast while Headhunter attempts to cut a deal to own Godzillion and Sleekdesign wants to be his partner in crime. Blinded by his greed-lust, he continues pushing until Wyneata can no longer stop herself from the primal hunt. 

What ensues is a battle for ultimate power and control over everyone and everything as compassion, empathy, love, combat the insidious lechery and primitive lusts of lost human beings seeking to control and own everyone and everything – because they have lost all connection to their deeper humanity in their quest to conquer. 

The Ants Revolution has become explosive, so much so that they are now climbing up the 1000 stories of their Tower of Power to the top floor, tearing down walls and doors violently to kill their enslavers for destroying their lives for profit, while Wyneata goes unfed transforming into a bestial dinosaur creature. 

Headhunter, and SleekDesign face nature head on with all of its power. Once those victimized are pushed too hard against the wall of indifference, taking too much from them, and resistance towards change grows, something breaks. 

In Game, it all breaks. 

It breaks beneath the feet of malignant greed, leaving them in the belly of the beast; a past of primordial slime, reptilian consciousness, brutality to survive, indifference, heartlessness, and horrific destruction. 

Game, is a hard-hitting and funny sci-fi tragic-comedy adventure with lacerating, violent, rhythmic dialogue of winning, owning, killing and survival, juxtaposed against the poetry of wisdom, gentleness, and the inherent beauty of compassion and love. The play explores relentless, insatiable greed in the Contemporary Corporatocracy by two demented human Oligarchs, who are willing to do anything for power and wealth and its ultimate results on the world they control, and ultimately their own fates.  

Until it all turns on them.  

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