Wake Up In MY Dream

Wake Up In My Dream
© by John Monteleone – May 7th, 2010, 3:00 am

i’m sitting in a room looking out the window
to a sun setting over a lonely lake
in the middle of a town with too many sorrows
an’ too many people caught up in bein’ fake
night crept up slow so i light a candle for relief
guitar’s in my hand like a lover who won’t leave
the light makes a mist of me in this small dark room
and i’m thinkin’ about all the lies that got me through
the working people who raised me pretending to be free
seems like a million years ago but all of ‘em are invisible to me
one by one ended up in the ground someplace
i wonder who’ll ever love me now if i don’t lie to their face
i hope i don’t die tonight tomorrow might be great
maybe i’ll see more love than hate

i fall asleep but dream about being awake
but it tires me out like all the hate
my eyes close in my 1000-year-old face
in my dream there’s nothing to own
and nothing to take
no one lies and no one’s fake
love flows like a never-ending stream
and I’m wondering what it might be like
if only my life could be a dream

i wake up for real an’ look around
but it makes me want to go back to sleep
i wish i could but there’s a pile of bills around my feet
its morning an’ i can hear the trains comin’ down the tracks
the sun leaks through my window an’ warms my back
thinkin’ about how many years i’ve been on this road
walk slow to the mirror feels like i’m growin’ old

drivin’ to work on the freeway but i ain’t feelin’ too free
feel like the road’s jus’ getting shorter and it’s gotten the best of me
i see mack trucks rollin’ past young hitchhikers
with empty backpacks

mmmmm hmmmmm
i remember doing that

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