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You Hate a Baby ‘Cause its Black?

You Hate a Baby ‘Cause it’s Black?!© by John Monteleone – November 2, 2013 you put a white hood over your headto hide your terrified facebut you’re really hiding your heart’cause you know it’s a disgrace you hate a baby – ’cause it’s black does that white hood over your headmake you feel secure?while you read more


Stillor “A Closed Book of Poetry”© by John Monteleone 2000, 2010, and 2013 (ode to the 100 million American Indians slaughtered to steal this country by and for the 1%) as i sit silently near the ol’ whaling villagein the woods, by the ancient seain the distance i hear the Indian’s drumlike a heartbeat ticking read more

Red, White and Blue

Red, White and Blue© by John Monteleone – 8-04-06 his family had fought in all the warswhen not building or cleaning someone else’s floors he crawled through the dirt as the sun beat down on himlike two people screaming at once they exchanged violent fireyou could hear the smack enter him he rolled onto his read more

Ol’ Tumbleweed

Ol’ Tumbleweed© by John Monteleone – 10 – 25 – 09 (rewritten 2-3-12) Ol’ tumbleweed I call her ‘cause she walks like onewears a little red apron as her customers make her rungot tears well-hidden from all the pain she’s wonstares like a deer caught in a headlight about to be struck downin this cute read more


by John Monteleone Feb. 1, 2017 her name was maryshe walked the earth aloneon dusty roads by the quarriesin the age of hard cut stone the story’s been tolda glowing angel she had seenplaced a halo over her sweet purityshe was a virgin of fourteen maybe mary gave birth to a savioror maybe she just read more

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