2 Characters
1 Man.  1 Woman
Simple Set
75 pages (thus far)

Who are we alone?  Who are we together?  What does it mean to be an evolved human being? 

Two highly intelligent, well-educated, successful people, try to escape a marriage they believe they no longer can exist within, but cannot seem to escape from. 

Their trappings are their memories which have defined their identities, and deepened their lives into profoundly complex contradictions, represented onstage by a large pile of baggage set against a barren stage – items that spur deep meaningful reactions that relate to the identities they have accepted.   The characters, at the climax of the play, examine, fight over, thrusting about over and in the pile of baggage. Their memories and the present, collide. They will reflect their deepest human experiences, many of which are discovered though the process of connecting to, and discarding their baggage. 

Throughout the play, they move in and out of the light, into darkness, transforming from one time in their lives to another, as well as various locations of memory as they struggle to connect and disconnect. The Set is nothing but a few black boxes, as they mime any props like a suitcase, sitting at a table eating, etc. while the dark abyss surrounds them.  There is a circle of light, a twilight area, where they exit and stand, watching the other, then reenter the scene. 

Trapped inside an emotional and psychological game of love and relationship-roulette, throughout their attempts to reunite, we witness raw explorations of themselves, from the highly comic and neurotic, to their dramatic pasts together, and the larger scope of what love, relating and growth really mean. They struggle with messy love, difficult love, not love based on one’s vanity or ego. They are seeking to exist with one another, because they cannot exist without one another. Their discoveries break wide open the shallow concepts of contemporary relating. Their realization that they need one another is as surprising as the revelation that they cannot separate from the past that has defined them, without losing their sense of self and world. 

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