Script Type: Feature
Genre: Character-Driven Comedy Farce – a Mythic Journey
Length: 137 pages

Albert P. Hiney is the most unlikely person on earth to end up becoming President of the United States – even though he is exactly what  WE THE PEOPLE need.  Loving, kind, compassionate, highly-educated, and insightful – not that you’d know it by looking at him; a nerdy, clumsy, stuttering little man who wears large glasses, suspenders, and likes pink slippers and vanilla ice cream cones everyday– to name a few of his idiosyncrasies that help him “think”.

Something new to Washington. 

If it weren’t for the 99-year-old maniacal Dr. D. who lives 1 mile under the White House, breeds large spiders for food, and who controls the world along with his Trillionaire Cronies’, or General Moosewad who’s 7 foot body, and wickedly ugly lumpy head seemingly vacant of a brain who lusts to be President, everything would have gone along just fine. But Albert, despite every effort to not become the President and just continue helping people as the social worker he was, is now mythically thrust into the massive role, via an impossible but real catastrophe no one ever would have expected. The result is a mythic journey into the bowls of America and world Politics, set in an over-the-top but satisfyingly romp through the world of power, greed, and compassionate rebellion. 

Set in a mythical tale of hope and love for the people, and fighting to overcome the evil intentions of those who want control for self-gain, WE THE PEOPLE presents the necessary breaking of all the cliche’s of what leadership really needs to be and means.

Albert appoints his closest friends, who at first glance personify the word weird: Chantel, a hot-tempered single-mother and feminist black woman fed up with history, Dakota, an American Indian Hippie, Singer-Songwriter, Dr. Mindstein a brilliant professor and Albert’s teacher, and Mamma Mia, Albert’s huge overbearing Italian loving adoptive Mother who lusts to feed and protect him from the big bad world. They fight against the world of power to free the people and expose the evil that has enslaved them, while presenting the beauty of the American People, it’s true historical hope and pursuits, with panoramic visuals of the hurting, lost, poor, pained and turbulent, conflicting history, as well as the immense courage and vision that has sustained us.

Dr. D, is a 99 year-old brilliant and evil man who lives 1 mile under the White House, controlling the world with 6 other Trillionaires we only see through hologram meetings. He sets a plot to eliminate President Hardon and Vice President Dickman who dies in a cheap motel with a hooker, from a case of Enlargentia Penisia – a common disease of men, who catch it via – conversation. The disease is found to be rampant throughout government and business today. The disease rushes blood away from the mind  and directly into the Penis rendering men hopelessly ignorant and machismo, chewing on their lust for power. There is no known cure. 

The transcendence of Albert from the most unlikely klutz to becoming a great world leader, takes him through impossible obstacles, insane environments, banging heads against dangerous human beings, his own inner fears, and demons, until he becomes a great and brilliant leader – everything American really needs, comes true – only it just doesn’t look like the Cliche’s we’re used to seeing. It’s fully human, not fully full of shit.

Through his journey, WE THE PEOPLE takes the audience through the many comic, mythic, zany, uncanny, horrific and tragic circumstances of our shared humanity, deepening our own sense of America, ourselves, and witness how care, empathy, compassion, and vulnerability are truly the greatest sources of courage and heroism that exist and are needed in leadership and citizenship today. 

We The People turns everything we ever knew about our sense of leadership, upside down.

Almost as if… it was… just a dream.

The true, American Dream. 

Or maybe just Albert P. Hiney’s … dream.

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