Script Type: Mythic Political Feature
Genre: Character-Driven Drama based on real events
Length: 109 pages

The super-wealthy interests to own the ocean beach fronts on the East End of Long Island, while systematically destroying a mythic fishing community, clashes head-on in this gripping drama based on real events. 

The wealthy, who have moved into the East End, sought to force the Fisherman off the beaches they earned their living on dating back over three hundred years, just so they can enjoy fishing, swimming, and partying. The fisherman are an eye-sore to them, an annoyance to their lives of superficial and sterile quests for unnecessary levels of comfort. 

The beautiful shanty fishing towns of the east end, the families who created and supported them, and the beautiful, untouched beaches, as well as the grimy back-rooms of dirty politics and super-wealthy special interests, become the battlegrounds between two classes in the great American frontier of  abuse. Here, the small group of fisherman and their families who thrived for centuries, fight back; fishermen against the CRIMINAL justice system, funded by enormous wealth, manipulated by the powerful, all the way to Albany and beyond. We witness the two world’s colliding head on – one of community, family, love, compassion, and history, against ruthless vanity, materialism and stupidity masked as importance, and the system of government that supports their hidden agendas. 

This conflict bears witness to every minority’s struggle as every aspect of their lives, including the environment, that has suffered under the power of the corrupt and disconnected, ruthlessly unfolds.

Filled with colorful characters, interesting sub-stories weaved into the main conflict of the drama, historic landscapes, and bitter-ugly political conflicts, war against the backdrop of an historic community and the majesty of the ocean. Men and the Sea brings the story of the human race and its future to into full witness – the destruction of the microcosmic community in this film, is a mirror to the macrocosm of our larger world in the 21st Century. If we do not stop this kind of mindless slaughter, both human lives and the environment that supports them, will be no more.  Men and the Sea is a simple story, with a huge underlying message about the human condition we face today and a dire warning of the consequences we all face should it continue on this pat of selfish and mindless destruction.

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