Script Type: Feature
Genre: Character-Driven Drama – Coming of Age Story
Length: 130 pages

Home, is a story of triumph over tragedy, a reflection from the life of an old wise man seeing the path he took as a young and innocent youth growing up in a world of turmoil, alcoholism, social depression, and enormous pain.  The story evolves within the bucolic landscape of Vermont, and the people he grew up with all trying to survive as a family. 

The story of HOME, is the story of a boy’s trials and tribulations of growing into a man, during American’s most difficult time – the Great Depression. But it’s also an allegory for America’s youthful struggles trying to grow up. Although a simple setting, we delve deep under the seasonal changes, and simple farming life of Mount Sinai, a home for boys in bucolic Vermont, to reveal a complex story with inter-woven dynamic struggles between adults seeking to find balance, and children trying to cope with the results of the dysfunction they cause. 

Calvin is an old man now, who tells HIS story while introducing his grandson to Mount Sinai, a home for boys in Vermont where the old man grew up. His grandson has just lost his parents in a car accident and is distraught, and Calvin too old to care for the boy. 

The arc of the film, follows the disintegration of Calvin’s family as Joe, his father, succumbs to the pain the Depression causes, his evolving alcoholism, and his wife leaving. Calvin is moved out of the home by the authorities, and sent to Mount Sinai. He is then adopted by the Corning’s, the managers of Mount Sinai who recently lost their own son to a tragic farming accident. Joe never gives up trying to get his son back, while Cal tries to grow up between the love of his paternal father, the love of his adoptive parents, and the family he grows to love and know at Mount Sinai. 

The struggles of young love, innocence, wonderment, and the sacrifices for survival and each other, live through the colorful cast of characters of Mount Sinai, set against the arc of painful situations of the adult world around them, under the natural beauty of Vermont and its changing seasons.

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