Thank you for scheduling a phone appointment with me.

I am looking forward to speaking to you about my work, and of course, answer any of your questions.

My website has a lot of information. I do hope you take a few minutes to look at it.

I will call you at the phone # you put into the schedule form at the time selected.

Photo right was my solo performance piece I adapted for the stage by Nikolai Gogol, performed on Theater Row in NYC.

Speak to you soon.

Thanks again.
John Monteleone
C - 631-258-0228






''Powerful Performance in "Diary of a Mad Man"
Mr. Monteleone meets the almost impossible task of portraying a demented man who is sinking into the quagmire of hopeless melancholia by finding out elements of humor that fit like pegs between layers of tragedy.'
Leah D. Frank
The New York Times

Monteleone keeps faith with the Gogol story, testing the conscience of his audience. the sicker his madman becomes, the funnier his lines. And laughing at him becomes a little sick, too. But it can't be helped. Monteleone is both funny and pathetic as the madman."
Steve Parks

“Your performance was certainly excellent!”
Nancy Bosco
Circle In The Square Theatre

"Congratulations on a most powerful performance.'
Olivia Kim

Many reviews of my work are on the homepage.



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