Adapted for the stage by John Monteleone
who also performed the piece on Theater Row in NYC.
1 Actor 
Simple set
1 hour & 15 minutes

This classic piece written in 1830 by Nikolai Gogol, is as relevant today as it was then in Russia.. Diary of a Madman chronicles the decent into madness and examines the result of a simple man trying to find dignity and love in an indifferent society.

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Perfectly Norm-iLL People - solo piece

Original written and performed by John Monteleone
1 Actor or Ensemble of 2, 4 or 8
2 hours (approx.)
Simple Set.
Royalties include Audio created for this piece, sounds of Central Park that support each piece, and music.

Perfect for a college production. A satirical gallery of norm-iLL characters meet the audience in New York City’s Washington Square Park, face to face.

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