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Written and Performed by John Monteleone - Co-Written and Directed by Denise Welborn

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...A miracle of... my life. Here, on this little floatin' rock in the middle of nowhere. An' there, in that, there's you an' me, an' this here... whad' ya call it, event, we created. A big event we're all takin' part in. An ' from all that space, what I've come to know, livin' on the streets--besides: the winter's ice landlord's with brooms, punks with sticks, cops with batons, dogs with teeth, people with attitudes colder than the cement, and a government who can't seem to do nothin' for me... What I've come to know... was the stars. Sometimes they're my only friends....

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"SPELLBINDING.... 'in Perfectly Norm-iLL People," his second solo, Monteleone slips with ease from one character to another with an original or hysterical line to draw you in."

" BRAVURA PERFORMANCE... Monteleone demonstrates a convincing range in evoking 10 different characters" 
Steve Parks