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Written and Performed by John Monteleone - Co-Written and Directed by Denise Welborn

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...Hey you. How ya doin'? I seen ya jus' get off dat bus over dere. Long trip huh? Tired I bet. Exhausted, right. Why? I'm a cop. Undercover cop. Undercover, you know, you watch t.v. right. So, like dat. So what's your name. I promise I won't take you downtown if ya cooperate. I jus' wanna know so's I don't gotta call ya hey, or missy or nothin' like dat. Sonia? Now dat's a pretty name. Sonia. You know what dat name means? Song. Yeah. Song. You're a songbird, Sonia. Sonia da Songbird, now ain't dat nice. A pretty, little, scared, lost 'n lonely songbird right off da bus outta hell. Ha ha ha ha ha. Cold? Want my jacket?


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"SPELLBINDING.... 'in Perfectly Norm-iLL People," his second solo, Monteleone slips with ease from one character to another with an original or hysterical line to draw you in."

" BRAVURA PERFORMANCE... Monteleone demonstrates a convincing range in evoking 10 different characters" 
Steve Parks