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Written and Performed by John Monteleone - Co-Written and Directed by Denise Welborn

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...Mr. Smith I'm back. I was thinking that perhaps I'm going just a little too fast for you, hmm? Let me slow it down. Follow me for second here? Tell me if I understand the situation, O.K.? O.K: Your wife's in a coma, kid's outta the picture. You're out of work on unemployment. No family, no friends, mortgages due hospital bills beyond belief, and you bought over your head on credit You're distraught, can't sleep, in a deep depression, perhaps having psychotic visions, can't pay for psychotherapy, and you're frightened, disoriented, perhaps even suicidal. Okay. Okay. SO WHAT'S THE PROBLEM?

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"SPELLBINDING.... 'in Perfectly Norm-iLL People," his second solo, Monteleone slips with ease from one character to another with an original or hysterical line to draw you in."

" BRAVURA PERFORMANCE... Monteleone demonstrates a convincing range in evoking 10 different characters" 
Steve Parks