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A Selection of Performances

December in New York - an Original Play

My trouble with women began in this play I think and just spread throughout my life. I think I am the one from Mars though.

He's learning the ropes about being a husband and a son-in-law the hard way. This was fun, and I worked to create Gabe-Kaplan (at that time he was popular) with a unique and complex inner life.

(backstage gossip):

This was a small theatre that rehearsed plays like Nazi's planning an attack. The "director" thought he was Shakespeare, had NO talent, didn't know what theatre was, didn't care about it, his only real interst was screwing the help. He got a lot of funding from the Foundation for the Arts or similar types of grants. What a facade.

Nice underwear though.

The picture at the top, is me in performance - but I was really just thinking "what the fuck am I doing here... I hate this theatre company."