Observations of Beauty & Insanity as time moves us towards no more...

"We sing, sing, sing, for new beginnings
pray, pray, pray, for all that's gone wrong
until a better rainbow comes along"
from "Paintings of Portraits"

“Maybe Mary gave birth to a savior
Or, maybe she just needed one
in Bethlehem so many years ago
or yesterday in a city slum”
from "Mary"

“It ain’t far from here
where the road turns down
that red fire we call hell
ain’t hidden in the ground”
from "Where the Road Turns Down"

There are scratch recordings for most of the lyrics in this section, but final recordings not completed. That is a project for 2020.  For now I have listed some of my lyrics.  If you want to be notified when I add recordings please join my email list - click here.

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